Congresswoman Scanlon has worked for many years representing immigrants and asylum seekers. In Congress, Rep. Scanlon is committed to repairing our complex and broken immigration system through common sense policy measures. She has cosponsored legislation to end inhumane family separation practices and will fight to protect Dreamers and TPS holders.


Congresswoman Scanlon has seen the challenges at our border first hand after touring the El Paso, TX/New Mexico Border in early 2019. She will continue working to ensure that Customs and Border Patrol and the Coast Guard have the resources they need to protect our borders and legal ports of entry, while addressing the humanitarian crisis at our border.


“Our failure to address this humanitarian crisis, with diplomacy, foreign aid, and humane border policies has created a challenge for law enforcement officers. They need resources to address the facts, not a crisis dreamed up by those sowing racist division for political gain.”