Congresswoman Scanlon Announces Her Support For Minority Leader Pelosi For Speaker

November 28, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon releases the following statement on her support of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s bid for Speaker of the House.

“I chose to run for Congress to restore faith in our government and democratic institutions. Pennsylvanians know first-hand the impact of modern-day voter suppression, such as extreme gerrymandering and strict voter ID laws. Voters nationwide have seen the impact of dark money in our politics and the erosion of the norms of government ethics.  We know that we need substantial government reform to protect the sanctity of our elections and the balance of our democracy.

“Voters sent a very clear message in this election cycle – our government needs to work for the people it represents. One way to ensure that that happens is by electing proven legislators to leadership positions. With over 90 new members joining us in the 116th Congress, I believe that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will provide the leadership we need to guide us as we work together to get our government back on track.

“I pledged to make my first order of business in the new Congress reducing the role of money in our politics, restoring ethics and integrity to our government, and strengthening our voting laws. H.R.1, a comprehensive government reform bill, being drafted by Rep. John Sarbanes and the Democratic Reform Task Force, and strongly supported by Minority Leader Pelosi, addresses these issues. H.R. 1 aims to restore the Voting Rights Act, remove redistricting power from state legislatures and gives it to independent commissions. It expands the anti-bribery law and requires presidential candidates to make their tax returns public, addresses government ethics, and champions other important measures essential to safeguarding our democracy.

“This bill will be a direct reflection of the voices of the American people being heard loud and clear by the House of Representatives, and by Minority Leader Pelosi. She has proven to be not only an effective legislator, but an effective leader in tough times. The Affordable Care Act was passed in large part because of her leadership and extended healthcare coverage to over 80,000 people in our district. Her experience and willingness to support the next wave of lawmakers will be essential in this new chapter of our politics.

“I look forward to working with Speaker Pelosi, and the members of the 116th Congress, on critical legislation that will make life better for my constituents and all Americans.”

[This statement was released on November 27, 2018]