Congresswoman Scanlon's Remarks on Resolution of Inquiry Regarding DOJ's Obstruction of Justice Investigation

March 26, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon, Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, delivered the following statement during the full committee markup of H.Res. 243, a Resolution of Inquiry regarding Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe, and the obstruction of justice investigation at the Department of Justice:

"I completely agree with our colleague (Rep. Steve Chabot) from Ohio that there are many areas where we should be able to work in a bipartisan manner, including on issues like infrastructure, the opioid crisis, and immigration reform.

"And, I have no interest in partisan bickering and I believe the American people are tired of it.

"But, ultimately, they deserve access to the facts – not spin – and that’s why I’m proud to join our Republican ranking member in supporting this bipartisan call for transparency from the Department of Justice.

"Because the issue of Department of Justice accountability and transparency shouldn’t be a Republican or a Democratic issue.

"We were elected by our constituents to do constitutionally-mandated, congressional oversight and at a time that public trust in our democratic institutions is at a low, our responsibility lies with the American people, not political parties.

"We know that in the last Congress, over 800,000 DOJ documents were made public at the request of Congressional leaders, so to that end, I ask unanimous consent to enter into the record an AP article from June 2018, entitled DOJ Gives Congress New Classified Documents on Russia Probe, which reports about 800,080 documents being released from Department of Justice last year.

"Given that precedent for DOJ cooperation, we expect nothing less than full transparency from this Administration’s Department of Justice going forward."

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