Scanlon Statement on Afghanistan

Chester, PA  Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05) today issued the following statement about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan:

"The situation in Afghanistan is absolutely devastating — there is no other way to describe the events we’ve seen in recent days.

"Sadly, the tragedy unfolding today is the culmination of conditions and events set in motion long ago, in a conflict where the United States was never able to develop a successful long-term strategy. The United States’ presence in Afghanistan is now coming to an end in a way that no American would have hoped for, especially after the loss of so many lives — both military and civilian.

"My prayers are with our service members who are still in harm’s way, and of course, the Afghan people — particularly women, religious minorities, and other segments of the population who suffered so horribly under the Taliban and are at risk once again. My thoughts are also with the many veterans who served bravely in Afghanistan over the years, pursuing a safer world and better future for the Afghan people, despite difficult, and often ambiguous, conditions.

"To my constituents in PA-05 who are breathlessly awaiting news of loved ones in Afghanistan: Please know that you are in my thoughts as well, and my office is here to help in any way possible. While we cannot make any guarantees, we want to do all we can to assist you in navigating this unimaginably difficult time.

"In this moment, my immediate focus is on assisting any constituents who are seeking evacuation of colleagues and loved ones from Afghanistan. I will also continue to support the evacuation and resettlement of our allies from the region, as I have for almost a decade in my work prior to joining Congress. It is my sincere hope that the Biden administration acts swiftly to ensure the safe evacuation of our many allies who aided the American government, and that we can work with the international community to help all those now at increased risk of violence and persecution at the hands of the Taliban."



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