Congresswoman Scanlon Reacts to Philadelphia International Airport Serving as a Receiving Site for Displaced Afghans

Philadelphia, PA – Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05) today issued the following statement regarding the Biden Administration’s decision to have Philadelphia International Airport serve as a receiving site for displaced Afghans:

“Philadelphia has a long history of welcoming refugees from around the world and working with them to rebuild their lives. So, I am proud our big-hearted city will have the opportunity to uphold this tradition. In the spirit of our own William Penn, who provided a safe haven for the persecuted, I have faith our community will be bold with its generosity. We will collectively lift our lamp beside the golden door for all those forced to flee their homes and start anew.

“I know our region is ready to take on this role and welcome as many Afghan families as needed. Our resettlement agencies, led by Nationalities Service Center and HIAS Pennsylvania, have the will, the experience, and the capacity to start resettling Afghan arrivals as soon as possible so they can begin their lives in America with whatever support they need. My office stands ready to assist federal agencies and local organizations in whatever ways possible. 

“Given the news coming out of Kabul earlier today, it is clear there is an urgent need to evacuate our Afghan allies as quickly as possible. Philadelphia and the surrounding region stand ready to welcome them with open arms.”


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